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Thursday, March 14, 2019

What is Check for monetisation?

Check for Monetisation is service provided by Different-thinker very helpful for blogger and others who wants adsense as their source of income and want to monetize it with the help of adsense and other alternatives of adsense.

Check for monetization

Why you have to submit your site there:

       We all know that around thousands of sites is submitted for review in adsense but only some of them get approval from google, around half of them is rejected by google adsense by giving some reasons and many of them is still under review by adsense for a couple of months and after that couple of months they did not approved by google and rejected for some reason.   
       We are here to help you in getting approval form adsense, before submission submit your site and your Email id in the given form and we will review your site within 12 hours and mail you that your site is ready or not for adsense approval and if it is not ready than where the problem is and how to fix it and some extra tips that how to monetize your site with other methods.

What you have to do there: 

Click on links given above and you will get a form there you have to only enter your E-mail id and only website URL and click on submit and that's all. They contact you with in 12 hours through your E-mail id and tells you what changes you have to done on your site to get adsense approval and other methods  to monetize your site with other platforms.

Any Charges for reviewing site: 

No, there is no charge for reviewing your site it is totally free of cost service by different-thinker   for any further query you can contact on differentthinkers123@gmail.com 

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